Meeker, Colorado is a thriving community nestled in the northwest corner of the state. The community spirit has a history of bringing people together for all kinds of events from the Range Call 4th of July celebration which started back in 1885, and the unique Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trials, to the non-profit fund raising Fall Festival.

Meeker enjoys a classic Colorado winter, spring, summer and fall. With all the trappings of town built on the backs of hearty settlers, there is plenty to keep your family occupied. Our historic Rio Blanco County Museum contains a living record of our native american roots, and our agricultural upbringing throughout the late 1800’s and the 20th century. If you need help moving in, or planning a visit stop by the Meeker Chamber of Commerce visitor’s center.

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White River Electric Association 970-878-5041 Electric Utility Services
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Meeker School District RE-1 970-878-9040 Local Public Schools
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