Blazin Trails Community Health Program

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Blazin’ Trails is a free wellness program designed to inspire the Meeker community to start – and continue – on a journey to a healthier lifestyle!


Use Blazin’ Trails to design your own itinerary using local resources, tools and support provided through this health initiative. Meanwhile, we will all explore a “world of wellness” and track community-wide progress with milestone celebrations and prizes.

The goals of the Blazin’ Trails Program include:

  • Promote Preventative Care by encouraging annual check-ups and appropriate medical screenings that will be the compass for each individual’s path to better health. Pioneer Medical Center’s Trails to Health program offers health screenings, check ups and medical care in support of Blazin’ Trails.
  • Incorporate Fitness Opportunities to encourage people to add more physical activity to their days and adopt healthier habits.
  • Foster improved Nutrition and Lifestyles by providing educational classes and real-world tools that empower people to make healthier choices.

There is no charge to participate in Blazin’ Trails, and it is open to anyone living or working in Meeker. But, please note that you will be responsible to cover expenses associated with medical care or fitness classes you choose to participate in.

Here’s How to Start YOUR Journey

  1. Decide that you will choose to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.
  2. Sign up online or in-person at Pioneers Medical Center.
  3. Schedule your annual check-up via Pioneers’ Trails to Health preventative care program and receive your annual physical and evaluation from your doctor.
  4. Start tracking your progress using your Blazin’ Trails health passport booklet! You can pick up one at the hospital or recreation center or print out pages of the Blazin’ Trails health passport booklet online

With your Blazin’ Trails health passport booklet, you’ll be able to collect stamps for each activity you complete to earn miles on your health journey. Receive or redeem your stamps – and prizes! – by taking your Blazin’ Trails health passport to Pioneers Medical Center.

Click here for a list of of activities, their stamp value and prize eligibility.

For each qualifying activity (e.g., medical screening, blood pressure check, workout, fitness activity, cooking class, program event, etc), you’ll earn stamps to fill your passport.  As a community, we hope to accumulate 24,000 miles (12,000 stamps) – or the equivalent to a journey around the world. Along the way, you can redeem your stamps for great prizes, including the grand prize of a weekend trip to Moab, Utah!

Blazin’ Trails  is a community-wide program, open to everyone. The program is funded through a generous grant from our local United Way – Meeker Human Resource Council and is financially supported by XTO Energy. Blazin’ Trails is managed as a partnership between Pioneers Medical Center, Meeker Recreation Center and Pioneers Healthcare Foundation, with special thanks to Meeker Drugs.