Grow Your Own

The Grow Your Own program is dedicated to developing the healthcare workforce for sustainable healthcare. One of the largest challenges rural healthcare faces is the recruitment of staff, and PMC is no exception.

PMC has developed a workforce development program—”Grow Your Own”—to address this issue. History shows that people that are raised in a rural environment are more likely to return, or make career choices in a rural setting.


The objectives of the Grow Your Own Program are to:

1) Introduce area youth to healthcare
careers available in Meeker.
2) Offer existing PMC employees education opportunities, career planning, and advancement.



Piquing interest in the healthcare field is the first step to recruiting our youth. PMC will work in several facets to accomplish this.

1) Host health career fairs
2) Work with school and college counselors
3) Bring students in to “shadow” PMC staff
4) Send youth to, or host a M*A*S*H camp.   (A week long camp that introduces and builds their interest in healthcare.)
5) Offer Scholarships
6) Offer tuition reimbursement, tuition pre-payment or loan repayment.
7) Offer Certified Nurse Assistant programs (Classes will begin in August 2012) The students will complete 80- hours of study, be exposed to all aspects of the PMC organization, and have the chance for a full time CNA position upon completion of the class and certification.