Trails To Health

How does Trails to Health work?

In one affordable package, you will receive screening tests, blood work, fitness testing, a complete physical exam and health consultation performed by the healthcare professionals at Pioneers Medical Center.

Once enrolled in Trails to Health, you will complete blood work and any appropriate screening tests before confirming your appointment with your healthcare provider. Your appointment will include a physical exam, discussion about your current health and a review of your blood work and test results. With all the necessary information available during your appointment, you and your healthcare provider can begin your partnership by setting customized goals and identifying the steps necessary to improve your health.

As a participant in Trails to Health, your progress toward your health goals is tracked and supported by feedback throughout the year.


What types of tests are included?


Comprehensive Blood Panels

  •  Lipid Panel (Cholesterol Count)
  • Metabolic Panel (Kidney & Liver Function, Electrolytes)
  • CBC (Blood Count)
  • TSH (Thyroid)
  • Hemoglobin A1C (Diabetes)
  • Vision
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Composition (Height, Weight, BMI)
  • Fitness Level
  • PSA (Men over 50 years)
  • Pap for Women (Note: You will receive a separate bill from pathology for the reading.)
Test and screenings follow standard nationally recognized medical guidelines.

What does it cost?

While the Trails to Health services are valued at $1,200, the cost is only $300 annually through Pioneers Medical Center. Will that $300 be covered by insurance?

Yes. Trails is covered through the routine wellness benefit of many insurance programs.


Does my insurance deductible apply?

No. The program is designed to be covered through your insurance wellness benefit. However, you may be required to pay your co-pay. (We recommend you check with your insurance company to fully understand this benefit.)


What if I don’t have insurance?

If you do not have insurance, the Trails to Health program will cost you $300 and any additional costs associated with the pathology readings.


Community Resources


Meeker Recreation Center is assisting in the development of personalized fitness plans.

Rio Blanco County Department of Public Health and Environment (RBC Health Department) will offer blood pressure checks and weigh-ins.

Join the Blazin’ Trails free community health program designed to help those living and working in Meeker to start their own health journey!


Other services offered at Pioneers Medical Center

While these services are not included in the Trails to Health program, Pioneers Medical Center provides a full array of preventative care and professional medical services.

Women’s Care

Prenatal, Mammography, Cancer Screenings

Children’s Care

Well child exams, immunizations, sports physicals

Minor Procedures

Ear, Nose & Throat, Minor Colonoscopy, dermatology, orthopedic surgery

Illness Care

Broken bones, Flu & Cold Symptoms, Allergies

Preventative Care

Coumadin Clinic, Diabetes Care, Pain Management, Pre-operative Physicals

Industrial Workers Care

Pre-employment Exams, DOT Exams, Worker’s Comp Injuries, Alcohol & Drug Testing


How do I sign up?

Simply call Meeker Family Health Center at (970) 878-4014 to participate.