The Future of Pioneers Medical Center

Come visit us at our new location:
Pioneers Medical Center Facilities Map

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Our new location is now open at 100 Pioneers Medical Center Drive, Meeker, CO 81641.

If this is a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately! If you have a medical question please contact us at (970) 878-5047. We look forward to serving all your healthcare needs.


  • EMERGENCY ROOM is now open (as of Wed., June 17) at 100 Pioneers Medical Center Drive (turn off Hwy 13 across from Samuelson’s True Value and follow the ER signs to the backside of the hospital. A separate ER entrance and parking area is available)
  • THE WALBRIDGE WING and all inpatient hospital services are now available at the new facility, as of Wed, June 17.
  • The MEEKER FAMILY HEALTH CENTER re-opens on Friday, June 19.

“After more than 65 years, we continue to build upon our legacy of Quality Care You Can Count On. We are so proud to open a new Pioneers Medical Center! We have expanded care to include additional surgical, pediatric, and therapeutic services; infusion and cancer therapies; and cosmetic procedures. We have built private, more comfortable rooms, and Pioneers has successfully forged partnerships with some of the best providers in Colorado to augment the care we provide locally and to ensure smooth transitions of care for our patients. We have been careful to design a sustainable plan for a healthy future, both for our facility and for all the lives we impact.” -Ken Harman, CEO

The current Pioneers Medical Center has proudly served Meeker for more than 60 years since the hospital’s opening in 1950. It is the only healthcare resource within a 40-mile radius of Meeker and is a cornerstone of our community and local economy. 

But over six decades, the needs of local families, businesses and area visitors have dramatically changed – not to mention the vast improvements in standards of care and evolution of technology!

After diligent review of all the options and years of savings to avoid the need for public/tax funding, Pioneers Medical Center and Walbridge Memorial Wing senior living center have launched an exciting new chapter in the honored story of healthcare in Rio Blanco County. Pioneers broke ground on March 21, 2014, on a new medical facility designed to modernize our current services, allow us to provide new healthcare options locally and ensure room to meet the future needs of our community!

New medical facility site map

New medical facility site plan

The new medical facility was constructed approximately two miles from the previous hospital location on a beautiful 52-acre site known as The Meeker Terrace property, adjacent to the Meeker airport. This site offers stable, low-expansive soils for cost-effective building and maintenance and a flexible footprint to leave opportunities for ample parking and future expansion needs beyond the initial 20 acres necessary to house Pioneers Medical Center, Meeker Family Health Center and the Walbridge Memorial Wing.

This $47 million project will be funded through reserves, direct loans, grants and donations. This allows us to share the benefits of these advanced healthcare facilities with our entire community without burdening taxpayers. In addition, the infrastructure development necessary will bolster other economic development in the Meeker area and support local trades and professional talent.

We are thrilled to share the progress and show our “Pioneering Spirit” via these web page or through email updates.


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