Admission Process

Should your doctor recommend you stay at Pioneers Medical Center or you are admitted from the Emergency Room or after surgery, this information will help guide you through the admissions process for the hospital.

Completing The Paperwork

You will be asked to sign several documents. This paperwork will help the medical staff treat you, because it answers vital questions, such as chronic disease you may experience, allergies, current medications, and much more. As you complete the paperwork, the admission officer (typically a PMC nurse) will ask you several common questions.

Standard Questions You Will Be Asked

Insurance and Billing Information—If you have insurance, Pioneers will need that information to bill your insurance.

Medical History – relevant details and allergies that could affect your care plan.

Contact Information – your social security number and date of birth are key pieces of information to ensure medical records are appropriately documented

Medical directives – if you have advanced directives, DNR orders, a living will or power of attorney, Pioneers will need to note your wishes

Here are the forms you may be required to read or fill out when you visit.