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Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing allows physicians to detect problems, gather information to make better medical decisions, monitor disease progress or remission, and identify areas of concern while disease is preventable or most treatable.

Pioneers Medical Center offers diagnostic services through its radiology, laboratory and cardiopulmonary departments. This includes X-rays, CT or CAT scans, ultrasounds, blood testing, bodily fluid testing, biopsy, diabetic monitoring, and pulmonary function and cardiac stress testing.

Diagnostic test results can be reported to any physician, which allows patients to utilize Pioneers Medical Center regardless of the location of the ordering doctor or treatment facility. This is especially convenient for patients requiring pre-appointment diagnostics or ongoing monitoring, since it will save time and prevent unnecessary trips to out-of-town locations.

For example, these services allow women to obtain their mammograms and hormone testing without wasting hours of drive time; men to stop in for blood work to test PSA or cholesterol levels without having to take a day off work; children to get their wellness check ups and immunizations without missing school; and seniors to receive screenings and annual exams close to home and by people they know and trust.

Radiology and laboratory tests are reviewed and interpreted by physicians with Mountain Radiology or Pathology Associates of Glenwood Springs.